The Modern Meltdown Episode 4 – Tutorials In Games And The End Of The New 52

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February 6, 2015
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February 20, 2015

Greeting’s Pop Culture Aficionados! On The Modern Meltdown this week Tommy and Matt discuss EA Games CEO’S baffling statement and the end to five years of DC Comics New 52. We also talk about all the news happenings of the week like;


  • Spider-Man entering the MCU
  • Netflix Original series
  • The first look at vision for Avengers 2
  • The release of Evolve and Resident Evil HD

Plus our weekly segments:

  • Movie Trivia, this week from The Dark Knight
  • Tommy’s Heart Warming Tale where Neo Nazis are tricked into helping others.

You’ll also notice that the podcast is a little shorter this week, let us know in the comments whether we should keep the shorter format or go back to being large and in charge?


Here’s the download link from in case SoundCloud is borked

Episode 4

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